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Tour Films….

Here are a few of the videos I edited and filmed.

I hope they convey some of the feeling of tour and a small sliver of the beauty of this world. This last year has been one part motorcycle exploration adventure, and two parts (literally two in every city) incredible shows. It couldn’t have been better, thank you all.



The End of the 15 year Anniversary Tour 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to a show, road around with us on motorcycles or spent time with us in some other way this year.
The 15 Year, Self-Titled / In Love and Death Anniversary Tour is over. It’s impossible to comment on all of the incredible things we were able to do and all of the amazing people we meet. All I can say is that we are a lucky group of gentlemen. 

Thanks also to our crew, without which tour could simply not go on. You really are the best.

Blink-182 Canada Support Tour

Maxx242-Blink-182-Saskatoon-Poster-2016Last night with @Blink182

It must be said that @markhoppus@matttskiba and @travisbarker are class acts. Nowhere is it reflected more keenly than in their crew. Never have I met or seen a more accommodating, approachable, helpful, and sweet group of people as the Blink-182 crew. Every night they struck the entire stage—lights, cabs, drums, everything. And not once did I ever see someone angry or being anything less than awesome. Thank you, it was a privilege. I hope you guys have an incredible US tour.
Also I want to thank @handroll @dilznic@seansatfoh @harmonbeenlightin and @tmsteve for being the best crew a guy could tour with.
Last but not less, all of the Blink-182 fans from treating us so well and with so much love and The Used fans for being loud and making yourselves heard, you are incredible.
Thank you. 



15 Year Anniversary Tour Spring Edition, coming to an end.

Thank you to David ‘Suge’ Jun, Danny Payne, Sean Plamer, Justin Kionsyek, Dave tumblr_ny4lmkFSod1r8ngiro1_1280Chappman, Ben Harmone, Mark Nielson and, of course, my incredible band
mates for such an incredible tour. These two months have been a real pleasure. Some many firsts, first time we have taken our motorcycles on tour, first time I’ve ridden in most of the states we’ve visited and first two nights in each city tour. Each show was filled with such enthusiastic fans you could feel the love.
Thank you for such a warm welcome.

I can’t wait to do it again!!!!!