Blink-182 Canada Support Tour

Maxx242-Blink-182-Saskatoon-Poster-2016Last night with @Blink182

It must be said that @markhoppus@matttskiba and @travisbarker are class acts. Nowhere is it reflected more keenly than in their crew. Never have I met or seen a more accommodating, approachable, helpful, and sweet group of people as the Blink-182 crew. Every night they struck the entire stage—lights, cabs, drums, everything. And not once did I ever see someone angry or being anything less than awesome. Thank you, it was a privilege. I hope you guys have an incredible US tour.
Also I want to thank @handroll @dilznic@seansatfoh @harmonbeenlightin and @tmsteve for being the best crew a guy could tour with.
Last but not less, all of the Blink-182 fans from treating us so well and with so much love and The Used fans for being loud and making yourselves heard, you are incredible.
Thank you.