Over the years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to travel the world with an incredible group of musicians. Early on, I realized that I was fortunate to be in a band where we weren’t restricted to touring with bands of a specific genre. The Used & Saosin have played shows with such a diverse roster of bands and musicians. Every tour, my favorite moments are hanging with other musicians and learning all I can from my touring collages. Sometimes, we have different views of music but it all boils down to communication. The study of music IS the study of communication. From studying with Berklee, to jamming with friends in the hotel room after a show, to spending time at Wooten woods, all have added to my love for music and my passion for helping others discover it, in any setting I’m allotted. Whatever your goals are, whether it be Music Theory, improving your Technique, deepening your Groove, Listening or just playing a few songs for fun, I’ll do my best to help you reach those goals.            




$80 per hour